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Web hosting or simply 'hosting' is the act of providing services such as storage, physical server location, and other pertinent equipment to make a website live.

You may have wondered where the Internet is. The truth is, it is hosted and distributed throughout the globe in more or less millions of servers, which are encased in appliances, computers, and other devices, then scattered across the Earth.

How to Choose A Web Host

In choosing which web host provider should you employ, consider “value”. Value is the worth of your money. It is not how much you should spend. It is how much you get in return when you let go of your money. This site will guide you in getting the best in web hosting. It will assist you in making a choice in employing a web hosting service.

  • Reliability. A good web host service provider should provide for an uptime probability of 99.99% to its customers. And should there be time longer than what they guarantee when your web site is down, the company will compensate you, if there is a service level agreement executed between you and the hosting company.
  • Scalability. Its importance is best determined by the growth of your company - will it be equaly easy to increase (or perhaps decrease) your service?
  • Technical Suport. A friendly technical support is inutile when it cannot get your business done.
  • Hardware. Is the web hosting company euipped wuth sophisticated hardware? If it is using outdated technology, then there is great risk for your web site to experience down time.
  • Professional and User Reviews. Reviews can be fabricated. In reading reviews about a web hosting company, insure that they are factual and balanced.
  • Tactics for company business. There are many approaches a web hosting company employ in order to deliver what it promises to you. This ranges from doing regular data backup, bi-coastal redundancy, or opting for either green technology or carbon ofsets. Sometimes, both.