About Us

After years of working within the online industry, we have learnt invaluable information about both building and running websites, but feel like many of our clients are still in the dark when it comes to finding the right web host to suit specific needs. Without a detailed and honest comparison website that's built to give the most relevant information out there, many people are simply settling for less. We decided it was time to put our heads together and create www.Killer Reviews, a place where anyone can see just how the top web hosting companies stack up.

Who we are

Killer Reviews are a team of information geeks, techies, analysts and industry buffs who work hard to test and screen a wide range of products and services- all on the behalf of the consumer. You will often find us scouring the internet to identify the absolute best products in every field, so that we can gather the most significant knowledge, and share it with the consumers who want to make educated decisions about what they need.

What we do

The Killer Reviews team is working hard every day to make sure that we are the first to bring you information on the latest product trends and consumer preferences, all so that you'll never miss a single detail. Our main goal is to bring you meticulously tested and reviewed product rankings- from all of the products and services that we are passionate about. We ensure that each of our comprehensive comparison charts are based wholly on our own research, so that you can see the most current and relevant features in a matter of seconds. We pride ourselves on only sharing real information that we care about, to enable us to pass on the most important user and consumer data out there. This way we know that everything we write is honest, educated, unbiased, and will help you to make the best possible decision about what you need.

How we do what we do

Here at Killer Reviews we not only use the information that we gather ourselves (through thorough research, personal trials and extensive tests), but we also gather feedback and opinions from our own users- to ensure that what we say is validated by thousands of appropriate consumers every day. This real time feedback helps us to keep all of our rankings and information up to date and on point, all of the time. Outside of this, our comprehensive data collection tools work to give us a better insight into the popularity and relevance of certain products and services, and which of these have the ability to provide best possible value to each and every one of today's consumers. We use this very specific data in our rankings to confirm the most thorough and pertinent comparison information there is.

What Makes Us Unique?

The Killer Reviews team understands better than anyone what goes into developing a web presence, and the importance of choosing the right web host to set your goals in motion. Building your brand from the ground upwards is daunting enough without finding the right web host for you, and even the most internet-savvy consumers can struggle to wade through all of the sporadic information out there. We have been in the same situation as you, and as a result were driven to create www.Killer Reviews to give consumers like us the best possible chance of finding the right provider. Our handpicked web hosting experts work to bring you all of the information you need to make an educated choice, for all of your needs. Whether you are looking for discount hosting, a comparison of control panels, or the most valuable customer services, you can be sure that we have covered it all.

Want to share your experiences and give us some feedback? We'd love to hear from you!

Send us your opinions and comments to [email protected]. We look forward to making your experience more valuable, and to helping you make those important additional purchase decisions for the future.