Building a Good Credit Score

The formula used in determining your credit score considers values from different characteristics and factors. These can be the total value of your outstanding loans, and the transactions of your credit cards in the past. With its complexity, it is not easy how a high credit score is earned or how a bad one is improved. Read More

Demystifying Credit Score Myths

Everyone in the United States ought to keep their credit score in good shape. Maintaining a good credit score entails several things such as for example, getting approved for various loans in less-stressful ways, the loans you obtained are charged with lower interest rates due to your high creditworthiness. Read More

How to Challenge Credit Reports

Having a regular access to credit report is a good way of maintaining your credit score in good condition. Of course, there should be a reason for getting a credit report. You have to do a close and thoroughanalysis of your reports, scrutinize each detail and discover an error or two. If you find one or a few, keep calm. Read More

Identity Theft Protection and Insurance

Identity theft is a crime perpetrated while individuals trade personal information using the computers and Internet. While many are discreet and prompt about disposing personal correspondence including bank statements, there are still quite a lot who put their personal data online without taking measures in protecting such precious information. Read More

Improving Your Credit Score

To some, a credit score is not much appreciated until they realize they have already an unimpressive financial reputation. Such circumstance is very common among students who are offered several credit options without considering the consequences when they are unable to comply with their obligations. Read More

Reading the Credit Report the Right Way

Whether you want a version of Equifax, TransUnion, or Experian, each of these bureaus are required to give you a copy of your credit report for free each year. This is provided for the Free Credit Report Act of the United States. The copy from each of the bureau comes for free every four months. Read More

Requesting for and Using a Credit Report for Free

Credit history and the figure coining your score are very important to represent your financial reputation. This is why many bureaus sell credit monitoring offers to help consumers. These offers are helpful in providing understanding how credit works, and means to protect you from all sorts of fraud including identity theft. Read More

Three Ways to Fix Your Credit Reports

The credit score coined on your credit report is very important. It can be a great tool when you need financial assistance from banks and other lending investors. It is not a wonder why hundreds of agencies offer their services to help you improve your credit score, or fix your credit report. Read More

Tips to Get Approved of Your Mortgage for the First Time

One good advantage that your credit score can give you is to qualify for a mortgage. Mortgage contracts are only for those who have their credit score in good figures. If your credit score is good—which is the first criterion—then you have to insure it keeps that way or even improving. Read More

Top 10 Tips to Help You Manage Debts

Only very few can successfully live a life without incurring many debts. Many of us mortgage our homes or cars to secure loans. The use of credit cardin making purchases seems to be the customary practice. There is nothing negative about getting loans, if you are able to pay as they due, otherwise, your debts will accumulate and sooner or later, you will find yourself trapped in it. Read More

Understanding Credit Types

The credit score is of paramount importance to any consumer in the United States that they devote much time monitoring and fixing it. Doing so deprives them the chance to discover opportunities and taking advantage of them. The credit, which is a major reason why a credit score is very important, can come in different types. Read More

Understanding the Credit Reports

Credit scores are different from credit reports. The former is a figure computed using several factors and appears on the latter. Credit reports are a thorough profile about your financial reputation. It tells whether you have been responsible and diligent in your obligations. Read More

Understanding the Credit Score

Credit scores are numerical value which is used as a basis in determining your credit risk. If your credit score is higher, your risk is lower. Creditors such as lenders and banks use the credit scores as benchmark in assessing your financial responsibility and capacity. The credit scores are not constant. Read More

What You Can Do About the Credit Fraud

Cybercrimes especially phishing, identity theft and other fraudulent transactions are becoming more prevalent each year. The massive data transfer and Internet contributed in making such crimes easier. The best protection you can get from these unfortunate occurrences is by avoiding them in the first place. Read More

What You Need to Know About Credit Monitoring

If your credit score is on a neutral level, it is easier to have it improved than have a negative score fixed. If you want to monitor on a regular basis the credit score, you must keep abreast of every changes made to your account. This will insure you have not fallen for any of the cybercrimes, especially identity theft and phishing. Read More