How to Choose the Best Antivirus

There are very few nasty and demoralizing experiences that are equivalent to working on a computer that is infected with malware. You may be tempted to install one of the cheap or free antivirus software to get rid of the malware, but unfortunately, such programs have been proven to be ineffective in dealing with the modern-day viruses.

Protecting your personal computer from the various malware should be your number one priority especially if you are an active computer user. Advancement in technology has provided cyber criminals with countless ways of spread malicious software from one computer through the internet. The advanced malware not only has the ability to compromise the performance of your PC but also collect personal information that is stored on the hard drive without your consent or arousing your attention.

Here are five expert tips on how to choose the best antivirus in the market without breaking a sweat.

Tip 1# Consider your Computer’s Operating System

Windows, Linus, and Macintosh are the three commonly used operating systems. Concisely, malicious software is engineered to target the operating system or its subsidiary components. Choose an antivirus that is compatible with your computer operating system to enjoy comprehensive protection when offline and online.

Tip 2# Evaluate your Computer Use

There are hundreds if not thousands of sites online that are created to spread viruses to unprotected computers. Accessing sites that are safe and reputable will reduce your chances of falling victim to these sites. Sites that offer free programs, music files, movies, and free games are unsafe and should be avoided like the plague. On the other hand, if your primary mode of communication is through emails, you need a superior antivirus that can protect your emails from being used to spread viruses. The bottom line is; choose an antivirus that matches the online platforms that you regular access as well as your PC usage trends.

Tip 3# Do a Thorough Background Research

Check certification and testing agency websites to get a clear perspective of the rating and credibility of each antivirus program on your list. Some of the best platforms that you can use to do your research are;

  • VB100
  • ICSA Labs
  • IAV-Test
  • NSS Labs
  • Checkmark

Tip 4# Level of Detection

The suitability of a particular antivirus is dependent on its ability to detect malicious software on your computer accurately and quickly. Check the protection and detection level scores of the antivirus you intend to purchase on independent third party review sites to make the right choice.

Tip 5# Test Drive the Software

Though time-consuming, test-driving the software by downloading free trials and testing each for a given period will give you a clear perspective of its performance. The ideal antivirus should be able to conduct real-time scans as well as hard drive scans without negatively affecting the performance of the computer.

Consider each of these factors in-depth to find an antivirus that is worth spending your hard-earned money on before downloading.