Why do I need an Antivirus Software?

In the current highly digitalized world, you cannot let your guard down when working online or sharing files with colleagues using a USB stick. As new data sharing technologies are developed, cybercriminals and hackers are busy coming up with ingenious and advanced ways of achieving their heinous objectives. The personal information is often sold in the black market. Therefore, it is imperative to have good antivirus software installed on your computer, smartphone, and other mobile devices.

To help you understand the importance of getting an antivirus, we will look at how home computers are susceptible to online threats.

Vulnerability of Home Computers to Online Threats

Recently, the number of ransom attacks on businesses and organizations has increased tremendously. Governments are also not immune to these threats. In February 2011, the Canadian government was hacked. Most people are of the idea that the savvy cyber criminals target only the large corporations and businesses. Here are reasons why this is just a myth.

  • Businesses, governments, and corporations can easily afford to purchase a superior antivirus and put in place security measures to protect their data from malware and prying eyes. On the contrary, most people who use computers at home do not have any form of protection, as they do not take internet security seriously. This makes it easy for hackers to install malicious software on their computers.
  • Hundreds if not thousands of people underestimate or ignore the value of their personal information. Identity theft is one of the primary objectives of malware.
  • Cyber criminals can capitalize on the economies of scale by using modern technology. For example, a single Spybot can net information from a multitude of computer users
  • No operating system is immune to the new era viruses, spyware, and malware.

Let us proceed and look at other additional reasons why getting an antivirus software could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Getting your Devices Infected is Utterly Easy

Most people are aware of the fact that browsing illegitimate sites predispose their devices to viruses, and so they are of the idea that not visiting those sites is enough to prevent an infection. Unknown to them is that hackers target even the most protected websites. For example, Trojan horse software can be automatically installed on your computer when you click a pop-up or an advertising window. Such attacks are common on sites that target sites that are visited mostly by the young generation.

Computer and Mobile Apps are not immune

A few years ago, programs that were perceived have a robust security firewall were attacked. These attacks confirmed the fact that no application is immune to the modern day malware.

Operating System Update Gap

Companies that make operating systems are keen to release regular updates to protect users from existing and new malware. Unfortunately, malware authors continuously come up with ways of penetrating the updates by creating advanced viruses. Not all users check their systems to ensure that they are up to date. That simple update gap provides hackers with an excellent opportunity to install malware and steal personal information.

Bottom Line

Having an active antivirus program installed on all your devices is the only way of combatting the various viruses. Once installed, you will enjoy browsing the internet freely knowing that your privacy and confidentiality will not be compromised.