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Kaspersky Antivirus Review

Eddy Wright, Editor Overall Rating: 9.12 / 10


Kaspersky has been coming up with different antivirus and computer security products since 1997, when the company was founded. From 2006 onward, the name Kaspersky has been synonymous with antivirus protection, and has become one of the big names in securing computer systems. With headquarters in Massachusetts, USA, the company has more than 2,850 experts who continuously work in improving its offerings for more than 300 million users worldwide and its more than 250,000 corporate clients.

Kaspersky has been tested by independent bodies such as AV-test Institute, Dennis TechnologyLabs and AV-Comparatives, and all are one in saying that this antivirus application is one of the best, having performed 90% better than other antivirus programs.PC Mag has also reviewed this application and has given it the Editor’s Choice award.

  • Features & Functionality 9.6
  • System Speed 9.4
  • Ease of Use 9.6
  • Help & Support 8.0
  • OVERALL RATING 9.12/10.0


  • Secure Browsing
  • Email Security
  • Automatic Updates


  • Phone Support
  • Chat Support
  • Forum Support
  • Issue Ticketing Support
  • Knowledgebase and Tutorials

Software is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP, 7 & Vista
  • Windows 8 & 10
  • MacOS
  • Android

Pros and Cons

Pros of Kaspersky

  • Easy installation and management
  • Robust antivirus detection and protection
  • Full package can be used to protect Android devices
  • Uses less system resources compared to other antivirus providers

Cons of Kaspersky

  • More expensive, compared to other antivirus programs

Featured Packages

  • Kaspersky Antivirus (from $34.99/ year). This package offers essential protection for computer systems through its rigorous protection technologies and performance optimization tools.
  • Kaspersky Internet Security (from $39.99/ year). This package takes the basic antivirus package up by a notch with the addition of Internet privacy, security for online banking and shopping and parental controls.
  • Kaspersky Total Security (from $49.99/ year). This package ensures total protection, delivering users computer system security, optimized PC performance, Internet privacy safety, online transaction security, parental controls, secure passwords and file protection.

Ease of Use

Kaspersky antivirus takes the cake when it comes to ease of use. It is very quick and easy to install because it does not have a fully defined database. It is also because of this small size that Kaspersky is considered one of the most robust and efficient providers of computer system and Internet security in the market today.

Kaspersky’s dashboard is easy to read, allowing users to see the state of their computer systems at a single glance. It also includes provisions for performing quick scans and full scans without hassle.

The interface also provides users with ease in safely configuring the settings for online management, safe transactions, passwords, data encryption, backup and restoration and even parental controls.


The best test of reliability for antivirus programs is measured in two areas: traditional virus scanning rates and real-time protection rates. Kaspersky has been tested for both, and was given the top spot for both areas.

Another thing that needs to be noted about this antivirus package is that on the average, it uses less resources than most other antivirus applications, giving users less system downtime even as the software performs its safety and security functions.

Customer Support

Kaspersky puts a high importance on customer satisfaction, which is why it provides great support through their official website. The website contains an extensive knowledgebase that includes scenario and resolutions to issues, a forum for exchanging insights and solutions to common issues, and various articles and videos that will surely help users learn more about the Kaspersky antivirus package of their choice.

For more urgent requests, users can call the Kaspersky hotline or chat with representatives during office hours or send a ticket to the website. Users can also opt for various paid support packages.

Value for Money

That Kaspersky offers top of the line antivirus packages cannot be denied, which is why although they are somehow priced higher than other antivirus programs, users can be sure that they will get their money’s worth.

Thanks to Kaspersky’s kind of protection, users are sure to enjoy security not just for their computers but for their Android mobile devices as well.


  • Efficient Virus Scanning. Users can choose the type of scan they need, from quick scans to selected drive scans and full system scans with ease. This feature also allows users to scan external devices tethered to the computer.
  • Privacy Protection. The Total Security package gives users robust Internet protection through private browsing, webcam access block, privacy cleaner to keep user activities away from malicious hacking and a file shredding feature that keeps your data from being stored, thereby protecting it from phishers.
  • Dependable Online Management. Depending on the package chosen, users can access the program though the Internet in order to update the software to perform scans from any other computer.
  • Secure Transactions. The Kaspersky Internet Security and Total Security packages give users the Safe Money feature, which is a protected browser that helps safeguard online payment systems and banking transactions that have been added to the configuration.
  • Password Manager. This feature allows users to create passwords that could not be hacked, and gives users the capability to synchronize passwords and other critical data between devices.
  • Data Encryption. Kaspersky offers a password-protected vault, where users’ encrypted data could be stored.
  • Cloud Backup and Restore. Kaspersky also has provisions for cloud storage, allowing users to backup important data online and to restore them on chosen devices as needed.
  • Rescue Disk. This feature comes in handy when the computer system refuses to boot. It aims to scan, clean and restore a system that has been infected with malware and spyware.
  • Mobile Device Security. This feature protects various mobile devices for spyware and malware,ad helps keep privacy and financial transactions safe. It also allows you to locate a lost phone, and lock and wipe it in case of theft.

The Bottom Line

Should you get Kaspersky antivirus? Definitely, as this antivirus program gives you premium featuresthat will surely protect your computer system and mobile devices, making it a software that is worth your money. Free antivirus programs would give you basic protection, but Kaspersky subscriptions will surely give a big boost for the security you need for your PCs and handheld devices.

Overall Rating