The Most Comprehensive Guide To Online Dating Success

Online dating is difficult; don't let anyone tell you otherwise. There are so many people out there, all trying to find each other – and there's no reason to suspect that you have anything that most of them don't, after all! This means that you need to think carefully about how to succeed and about what you can do to stand out from the crowd and the masses.

The first mistake that all too many people make when choosing a dating site is in just that – in choosing a dating site. There are hundreds of thousands of them, and most of them are somewhere between useless and being an outright scam; ideally, you want to stick to these six sites and avoid all others:

You might have a little success in other places, but the odds are against you; many of the other sites are rife with bad deals and fake profiles, none of which will help you find what you need if you're hoping to have a successful experience with online dating.

This Online Guide Teaches You The Things Most Online Daters Never Learn

Most people don't find what they're looking for on websites – whether because they can't seem to find anyone at all or because they end up 'settling' for something that isn't quite what they want. If you're wondering why you seem to be falling into this category, it's worth wondering if any of these reasons apply to you:

  • You don't know what you actually want
  • You don't know what other people tend to want
  • You're looking at the wrong dating sites, and not checking reviews
  • Your profile is dull and badly-written
  • You're sending bad first messages that people dislike, ignore or forget
  • You're falling into the trap of assuming that people will come to you

There are various things you can do to avoid falling into these traps, but mostly they boil down to simply trusting your common sense, remembering that other people are real human beings with minds of their own, and spending some time thinking carefully about what you want before going after it. The best advice we can give you can be summed up in these six simple tips:

  • 1

    Don't Join Fake Or Scam Sites

    There are all kinds of dating sites out there, and some are more legitimate than others. Even on the most above-board of online dating communities you'll find the occasional fake profile designed to draw attention to a product or service or even the site itself – so it's a good idea to keep your eyes peeled for them and make sure you're not getting suckered in.

  • 2

    Join More Than One Site At A Time

    Simply by using the same well-crafted profile on three of four different sites, you can massively expand the number of people you're in touch with and looking to date. This is absolutely the quickest way to be successful with online dating, and passing it up is probably the worst thing you can do from the perspective of your chances.

  • 3

    Make An Effort To Stand Out From The Crowd

    Don't be just like everyone else – express your personality creatively, and put some effort into standing out from the crowd of people your prospective dates will doubtless be wading through. Everyone has something special about them; you need to make sure that yours is right there on your dating profile.

  • 4

    Think Carefully About Your Profile Picture

    There are some things that you should clearly avoid – X-Rated pictures being the most important of them. Never post your genitalia as a profile pic; you'll put people off instantly. Avoid very out of date or overly airbrushed images, too – post pictures with integrity for the best results.

  • 5

    Write Your Dating Profile Wisely

    Make sure that you proofread your dating profile carefully and that you put some effort into answering every section as interestingly and entertainingly as possible. Clichés, spelling mistakes, bad grammar or punctuation, lazy writing and overly short or long answers can all put people off.

  • 6

    Take Time Over Your Introductory Messages

    The most crucial part of online dating is the very first message you send to someone whose profile you like. Make sure it's definitely relevant to them as a person – explain why their profile appealed to you, talk about things you have in common. Write a good paragraph or two and give them openers to respond to easily. Never, ever sexualise things in these messages.

What Are These Online Dating Tips Based On? A PhD Thesis

These online dating tips are based off of over 9 years of data and research that was done for a PhD thesis from the John Hopkins University. All of the methods that we have shared with you from attracting women to meeting them has shown to be successful over and over again. Now, don’t get us wrong, we didn’t just Google a few links, read a few lines of data and call it fact. We have personally tested these various methods, watched them work time and again. It was only then, after all of this success, that we have started sharing our methods and tips with you. If you can locate another guide for online dating that isn’t just based off of what something thinks, but actually based on real life experience, tell us about it. I highly doubt you will find one.

Our online dating guide was built around helping men find the woman that they not only desire but also deserve. We have experimented with several different and unique strategies from using various online dating sites, to emailing and chatting with women and of course profile creation. We have kept very detailed logs of each and every strategy and activity we have done so that we could, in the end construct a guide that tells you exactly what works and what doesn’t. Don’t waste your time doing what every other site repeats over and over, use our guide to find the woman of your dreams!