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Elite Singles is one of the largest dating websites with locations in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the UK. It is founded by Affinitas, a Berlin-based online company that specializes in the creation and maintenance of other European dating sites including Germany’s eDarling, which has been launched in 2009.

To date, the company boasts of having over 13 million single members across the globe. Elite Singles, however, differentiates itself from other Affinitas websites with its clientele: single and educated professionals who are looking for a deep relationship or a long-lasting love.

For this reason, the website implements an often-tedious but necessary signup process to ensure that only qualified and like-minded individuals are able to join. E Singles also takes pride of its different helpful features such as good customer service, safety guidelines, and an e-magazine.

  • Popularity 3.0
  • Features 4.5
  • Value 4.8
  • Safety 4.8
  • Ease of Use 4.8
  • OVERALL RATING 4.38/5.0

Data Breakdown

Member Base

13 million

Majority of their members are considered "elite"—that is, they are single between 30 and 55 years old with good educational background. At least 80 percent of the members have university degrees while others have acquired master'’s and doctorate degrees.

Visitors per Month

290,000 visits per month

The popularity of Elite Singles comes from its unique market: successful, educated individuals.

Gender Ratio

43% 57%

There are more females than males in the website.


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Basic membership is free and provides users with limited features and access.

Three-Month Subscription from $29.95/mo
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Although the amount is based per month, the member is charged for the entire amount in one upfront payment.

Pros and Cons


  • Security.It has a thorough process of weeding out bots, spammers, and “less genuine” people from the system.
  • Connection.It stresses the importance of connecting and building a relationship with like-minded individuals.
  • Personality test. The 5-factor personality test allows for a more accurate or “intelligent” matching.
  • Easy upgrade. Users can test the website first under the Basic package and subscribe to Premium later.
  • Upgrade options. Users have three different options for Premium membership.
  • Mobile app. Users can connect with other members on the go with the mobile app, which is available at no cost.
  • Dating advice. The online magazine and blog are peppered with insightful dating tips and information about the website.


  • Discriminatory..It has the tendency to discriminate individuals if they don’t pass certain standards or qualification of the website.
  • Deletion of certain profiles. It can delete inactive profiles.
  • Limited features in free membership. Only a few features are activated under free membership, which may indicate that you still need to upgrade your membership.
  • Tedious sign-up process. The sign-up process is very long that potential users may find it frustrating and eventually drop the idea of signing up.
  • Limited matches. Because the matching can be very specific, based on the answers provided, it’s possible that only few matches can be generated.


  1. Partner Suggestions. The system will match you with your preferred sex using the information you have provided in the personality tests, which include details about your hobbies, interest, lifestyle, and personality.
  2. Search Criteria. You can narrow down your searches or recommendations by filtering certain information. These include age and body size, distance, desire to have children, smoking and drinking habits, and ethnicity and religion.
  3. Mobile app. Elite Singles has its own mobile app that allows you to interact with potential partners anytime and anywhere.
  4. 4. Features reserved for Elite Singles premium members include:
    • Unlimited communication
    • Intelligent matchmaking
    • Ability to see the complete profiles of visitors
    • Up to 20 wildcard matches each day
  5. Identity verification. Users have the chance to prove they are genuine people by earning the verification badge, which will appear on the profile. Such badge can also be seen by potential partners. By having the badge, users feel more secure to use the website and communicate with verified members. Elite Singles can verify accounts using ID authentication, SSL encryption, and manual profile checking.
  6. Spam precaution. To make sure that only real people are allowed to become members in the website, those who remain inactive over a period of time or are deemed to be looking for less serious relationships are removed from the system.
  7. Favorite Singles. Users who have strong desires on certain members can keep tabs of their profile easily by adding them under Favorites section.

Sign Up Process

Elite Singles has one of the most comprehensive sign-up processes among the dating websites. It is composed of numerous questions that can be answered by ticking the member’s preferred button (e.g., doesn’t apply at all, slightly applies, and completely applicable). The questions, further, can refer to the member signing up, such as the personality, educational background, and other personal preferences such as religion and appearance, as well as that of the potential partner. Overall, it may take at least 15 minutes to sign up. Nevertheless, the user has the option to take a pause by clicking on Save progress and log out. This doesn’t mean that the user can already skip the other questions, but you now have the opportunity to continue the process at a later time. The website also prompts the user if you miss out a particular question.

Member Diversity and Quality

User Base and Popularity

  • Monthly Visitors: 290,000
  • Male Users: 43%
  • Female Users: 57%

Age Bracket of Users

  • 18 – 24: 16%
  • 25 – 34: 22%
  • 35 – 44: 27%
  • 45 – 54: 21%
  • 55 and up: 13%


  • Caucasian: 77%
  • African American: 9%
  • Hispanic: 9%
  • Asian: 4%
  • Others: 1%

Educational Level

  • Graduate Degree: 17%
  • Bachelor’s Degree: 42%
  • High School level: 41%

Success Rate

Elite Singles helps find like-minded individuals, who are usually educated, affluent, and stable, find love quite easily and quickly using their platform. According to the website, it can match a member successfully every 8 minutes.

Safety and Security

Elite Singles places a high premium on safety and security by removing any inactive profile and scrutinizing every application. It gives more credence on completed profiles, with a photo, and provides security-related features such as a verification badge.

Ease of Use

After going through the lengthy sign-up process, the you are redirected to your personal dashboard where you can view the details of the personal profile, messages, matches, profile visitors, and recommendations or matches (sometimes referred to as wildcard matches).

The sections of the dashboard are properly labeled, so the chances of getting lost in the website are very small. Further, the system will also tell you the steps you need to do to complete your profile and increase the possibility of getting matched more accurately.

The Bottom Line

Elite Singles doesn’t have the same level of popularity and membership as its competitors like Match, but it’s for a good reason: it applies very strict requirements to its members. While it may not appeal to those who are looking for casual relationships, it is certainly a great place for those longing for long-term partnerships and even marriage with equally like-minded and successful individuals.

Overall Rating