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A Crash Course In Online Dating Etiquette

All situations have their own etiquette, and since the internet became so popular a method of keeping in touch it has built up any number of little etiquettes of its own. Online dating is no exception, and there are – as with everything – a few unwritten rules that you’ll need to remember to follow if you want to do well. We’ve detailed them here, so that you’ll no longer be left wondering whether or not you’re getting it quite right – but as with most things, they’re essentially just common sense and basic politeness. Strive to treat people how you would like to be treated and you’ll be fine. Read More

Be the Center of Online Dating Attention

Some people hate being the center of attention, while others thrive on it – but the fact of the matter is that whichever camp you fall into it is, essentially, your end goal for online dating. The profiles that get the most attention from hopeful suitors are the ones that show you to be an attractive, engaging, sociable person – the kind of person, in short, who could be the life and soul of any party and who enjoys being the center of attention in a way that isn’t annoying or overbearing. Read More

Choose The Perfect Profile Picture For Your Online Dating Profile

The photo you use on your online dating profile is probably the most important single factor in getting yourself dates – but it’s also the thing that people most commonly mess up. Choosing the right image can be a little daunting, so we’ve complied this list of seven simple tips that will help you get it exactly right. Read More

College Students And Online Dating: Are They A Match?

Online dating has become associated with a few different groups of people – mature singles, mostly, as well as anyone with a very busy life. You might think, therefore, that students don’t need to bother with it; after all, they’re probably meeting people at university and in bars or clubs, right? Read More

Common Questions About Online Dating

There are plenty of advertisements for online dating websites all over the place, but they don’t tend to address the particular questions of people who are brand new to online dating. This short article hopes to take a look at some of the questions you might have and help you deal with them in your own head before you take the plunge. Read More

Compatibility Tests: Do They Really Work?

Many online dating sites and services offer compatibility testing, and for several of the most successful sites these tests are integral to their matching algorithms. They’ve seemed to work for a pretty wide variety of people – but is it really down to the test itself, or is the most important factor elsewhere? Read More

Online Dating Tips Self-Conscious People

Everyone is self-conscious at least occasionally, and it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to make a lasting connection on a dating website – but it does mean that you’ll need to spend a little time and effort trying to help yourself feel more comfortable with the prospect of meeting someone new. We’ve put together a little advice that we hope will help you to do just that, particularly in the lead-up to a first date with someone you’ve met online. Read More

Find Love More Quickly With Online Dating

One of the problems people most often have with dating is simply finding people to date in the first place – particularly if they’ve been out of the game for a little while. The rigmarole of getting yourself into the social scene to find the right people is one that you might find daunting or simply dull – but online dating can short-circuit a lot of that. Read More

Five Tips For Sending The First Online Dating Message

Sending the first message to someone who you’re interested in is probably the hardest part of online dating – and it’s the bit that people mess up the most often. These five simple tips should help you with that initial hurdle, and if you follow them you’ll find that you start getting replies far more often than you may have been up to this point. Read More

Five Reasons Everyone Should Try Online Dating At Least Once

Online dating simply doesn’t come with the stigma it used to have – it’s become very normal, which is good news for everyone who feels like they’re having trouble meeting the right people. Here are five of the best reasons to give it a try. Read More

How to Charm Someone After Your First Date

Having an excellent first date is a wonderful thing, but it’s really only half the battle – you’re going to need to do a lot more than that if you hope to turn a successful date into a successful relationship. Thankfully, this isn’t anything like as difficult as you might have been led to believe; people talk a lot of nonsense and play a lot of games, and it really isn’t useful or necessary. In most cases, behaving like that will probably hurt your chances rather than improve them. Read More

How To Create A Successful Online Dating Profile

The most basic requirement of online dating is making a profile, and if you’ve spent a little while surfing around various dating sites you’ll have noticed that people’s profiles vary wildly in quality. This can seem like a hard thing to determine but if you’d like yours to be one of the better ones, all you really need to do is follow these four simple tips – and you’ll find that you’re getting more attention in no time at all. Read More

How to Stay Safe with Online Dating

While online dating is an excellent way to meet new people, you do need to make sure you stay safe – particularly because you will be meeting someone who is essentially a stranger, and you’ll be meeting up with them alone. There’s no need to worry unduly about risk, but you do need to take a few precautions; most of them, thankfully, are simple common sense. We’ve outlined the basic precautions you should pay heed to here, but with this as with all things it’s important to follow your instinct. Read More

How To Write An Effective Online Dating Profile

Nobody is perfect, and everyone has things they do and don't like about themselves. Writing an online dating profile is a little like writing a CV or résumé in that you want to stress your best features and skim over your less brilliant ones; this isn't dishonest, assuming you don't lie about what your best qualities are. Here are a few tips that ought to help you to do that, and you'll notice better responses if you follow them. Read More

Keeping The Spark In Your Online Dates

Online dating means you’ll meet people from all around the country – and potentially from all around the world. This is wonderful, because it opens up your dating pool by a huge amount, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a little problematic; you might not be able to spend as much time with your new date face-to-face as you would ideally like, and long distance relationships can be taxing. It’s worth bearing in mind however that they’ve actually never been easier – and here are a few ways to keep the spark in your online relationship. Read More

Online Dating After a Bad Breakup

Breaking up with someone is horrible, no matter how right it was or who the instigator of the breakup might have been. If you’ve recently come through a breakup, there’s a good chance that you have no idea where to go next – and that’s normal. It’s a time when online dating is a great choice, though, and here’s why. Read More

Online Dating for Business Professionals

If you’ve chosen to concentrate on your career, you may sometimes feel as though you have done so at the expense of your love life – but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one. Online dating is an excellent way for business professionals to meet other people who share their goals and desires, and who understand the level of commitment they must make to their careers. If you need a little more convincing of this, just read on; we’ve put together our favourite things about dating online when you work as a business professional. Read More

Online Dating for Mature Singles

Dating changes as you age. In your teens, it’s all about a sort of clandestine intensity; in your twenties, most people want to have fun and meet as many people as possible; in your thirties, you’re settling down to knowing what you want and in your forties and beyond there’s a good chance that you’re mostly hoping to make genuine and lasting connections with just one special person. Online dating is perfect for that – and here are some of the reasons that’s true. Read More

Online Dating For Single Parents

If you’ve not dated for a while and you’re a single parent, you might be wondering what to expect – both from your own family and from the people you’d like to date. This will of course vary from person to person, but we’ve tried to put together a little advice that should help you on the way to finding the relationship you want. Read More

Online Dating for Teens: Good or Bad?

Being a teenager is incredibly difficult. It’s universally understood as being a particularly turbulent time – your body is changing, your life is changing, your hormones are everywhere and social pressure is never more intense than it is when you’re still in high school. One of the things that happens over this time for most people is that they start dearly wanting to experience love and lust, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to find someone who feels that way about you in return. Online dating is an interesting new way for teenagers to learn about the world of romance – and while it comes with its pitfalls, it’s not something that parents necessarily ought to discourage. Read More

Online Dating: Going the Distance

One of the many benefits of online dating is that it makes it very easy indeed for you to meet people from all over the country and indeed all over the world – people you wouldn’t have had the chance to meet if you hadn’t been open to trying dating online. Of course, this comes with a few challenges unique to itself. Read More

Online Dating: How to Answer a Response

When you get a message you’re excited by from someone you’re interested in, you need to pause for a second before you respond – because no matter how excited you are it is still important to make sure you get it right. The simple fact that someone took the initiative and messaged you does not make it a done deal; they still want to get to know you a little before they decide if they want to meet up with you or not, and you should put a little effort into helping them make that decision in your favour if that’s the outcome you want to receive. Read More

Online Dating Profile Pic DOs and DON’Ts

The profile pictures you use on your online dating profile are absolutely the most important thing there. They’re the thing that will most affect whether or not someone wants to meet up with you, whether or not they message you, and whether or not they reply to your messages to them – so it’s important that you get it right! If you’re wondering which picture to use, consider a few of these hints and tips. Read More

Preparing For a First Date with Someone You Met Online

Of course, the real goal of online dating is to get things offline as quickly as possible and meet up with the people you’re chatting to face-to-face. That can seem a little daunting, though, so here are a few tips for anyone doing that for the first time. Read More

Simple Online Dating Etiquette

Dating can be a minefield for manners, and a lot of people find it difficult to figure out quite how they should behave. Thankfully, there is an established etiquette for at least some of the things that can be the most concerning – and so long as you’re reasonably careful to abide by it you’re unlikely to go too wrong. This quick guide concerns itself with the most nervewracking factor in online dating: deciding when, where and how to meet someone in real life. Read More

Ten Things Online Daters Can Learn From Advertising Professionals

The world of advertising is fast-paced, challenging, ever-changing and sometimes harshly competitive – just like the world of dating. There's always something to be learned from the experiences of others, and you might be surprised by how much you can pick up just by listening to the wisdom of the advertisement industry. Read on to get a clearer idea of just what we mean. Read More

The Four Most Common Online Dating Mistakes

Online dating might be easier, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get it wrong. If you’re not experiencing much success with your online dating adventures, you might want to wonder if you haven’t made a few of these mistakes. Read More

Three Reasons Online Dating Works Well For Single Parents

Parenting is the most time consuming, exhilarating, exhausting, rewarding, difficult, enjoyable thing a lot of people will ever do with their lives – and as a result it sometimes feels like that’s all that’s left in your life, particularly if you’re a single parent. Plus, there are all kinds of things you might worry about when trying to date: will they be okay with the fact that I have kids? Will my kids like them? Is it even safe to introduce someone new into their life? Read More

Three Ways Everyone Can Prepare for Online Dating

Online dating isn’t quite like the dating you’re more likely to be used to. Rather than sitting back, relaxing and seeing how it goes, you’ll find that a lot of people are very determined to do things pretty quickly – which may or may not suit your style and personality. If you want to have the best shot at this that you can, it’s worth thinking about a few of these basic guidelines. Read More

What People Look For On Dating Sites

Regardless of age, gender, politics or sexuality, people find each other confusing. This has been the case since time immemorial, and it will probably never change – but that doesn't mean we can't all work to get a little insight about what other people are generally looking for, particularly when they're in a situation like online dating. Read More

Why Coffee Dates Are Great for First-Time Online Daters

Choosing where to host your first date with someone you've met online can be difficult, but thankfully there's one answer that pretty much works for everyone – the coffee shop date. Here's some of the reasoning behind why it's the perfect venue for an online dating experience. Read More